We offer an inclusive and convenient membership scheme, that offers exclusive benefits, including a 5% discount at the Brookfield Coffee Shop and bar; as well as a one-time discount on room hire*. 

Discounts & Special Offers

Members enjoy 5% Discount in The Brookfield Coffee Shop & Bar.
Plus a 20% discount on room hire*.

Fully Digital

We've embraced a digital approach, and no longer provide physical cards. This contributes to both cost-effectiveness and environmental sustainability.

Group Associated Membership is available at a discounted rate for individuals that actively attend and are members of group sessions held within the CCA. The discount code can be obtained from the Group Leader and entered at the checkout stage. *Valid and active memberships will entitle the bearer to a one-off discount of 20% for a single room hire within any single 12-month period terms apply. Single membership is for one named individual and is subject to an annual subscription charge.