Chairman’s Word

I always feel that from the outside, our charity in the form of Churchdown Community Centre, always appears to be thriving. The car park is often overflowing (apologies to our neighbours, we are doing our best to ensure roads don’t get blocked or obstructed), along with the coffee shop being full more often than not, but reality is a little different. I feel that we are that proverbial swan looking well maintained and up-together on the outside whilst beneath the surface, we are frantically paddling away, often against the tide.

This is the year that our flat roof must be renovated. Another year of heavy rain like the last one will see much of it leaking against the horrendous pooling of water that happens at the moment. It’s crucial that we act now so that we can get the work done without shutting the coffee shop, which is a venue that means so much to so many. However, this I not a quick fix as we do not have the funds. For those of you that have been following our battles against the pandemic and energy crisis not forgetting the economic crisis that we all find themselves in, you will be aware of our struggles, so our next venture is to raise £150k to get this work done, 800m2 is a lot of roof to cover (excuse the pun!)

Anyone wishing to help us by donating to our fundraising campaign can do so via an email to and hopefully we will be able to claim gift aid too which all helps.

Grants are also being applied for and any contractors wishing to tender for business are very welcome to email us via

Many thanks to all our groups that meet within our walls for your continued support as well as our lovely customers and skittles teams of our trading arm – we strive to be an amazing facility for all to enjoy.

Sue Loveridge

Chair CCA